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Key terms & conditions for the use of imotoshare.com website / platform, product, vehicle and services. (“Terms & Conditions”)

By entering the “imotoshare.com” website, you have declared to understand and accept all the provisions contained on the website imotoshare.com.

PT Dinamika Teknologi Jaya (DTJ) reserves the right, but has no obligation, to add, change, edit, amend, revise, modify or remove portions of the Terms & Conditions, from time to time at its sole discretion without notice. The updated version of the Terms & Conditions will be effective on the date of posting unless indicated otherwise in such Terms & Conditions. You should periodically check the Terms & Conditions for the changes and your continued use of the Site after the posting of such updated version of the Terms of Use will constitute your agreement and acceptance of the changes. As a condition to DTJ’s grant to you a non-exclusive, freely revocable, non-transferable, personal and limited privilege to access and use of the imotoshare.com website / platform, product, vehicle and services, you need to comply with the Terms & Conditions at all times.


User/driver/riders is the person who registers themself on the imotoshare.com and makes a booking for use of the vehicle available on the platform.

Making a Booking

The User/driver/riders must show and submit a copy of valid KTP / Passport. Drivers or user must be aged between 18-75 years. The driver must show a SIM B Indonesia License or a Valid International Driving License; with minimum validity of 6 months. All documents shown must be original, complete, valid and must match with the name and appearance with the person used for ordering the vehicle. International Driving License is required for foreigners and/or National Driving License for Indonesian residents. Failure to comply with the above could result in denial of services to the User/driver/riders. In case on any accident or lost caused during the operation of the vehicle the User/driver/riders will be fully and wholly responsible for the damage or loss of vehicle and have to pay accordingly to PT Dinamika Teknologi Jaya (“DTJ”) compensate for any losses or damage. By making booking to use the services of DTJ or imotoshare or imotoshare.com, the User/driver/riders have agreed to these Terms & Conditions must be signed upon vehicle delivery between service provider and user

Use of Vehicle or Product

Additional fees will be charged for pickup and return outside the available zone. Additional fees will be charged for special equipment, including but not limited to GPS, or spare tires or charging or battery. Users may not bring pets in the vehicle. The User/driver/riders shall not transfer, lease, give, hypothecate, create a lien, or pledge the vehicle, battery or any parts of the vehicle to another party. User/driver/riders may only use the vehicle for lawful personal use only and shall not be used for any business purposes or commercial purposes. In the event of unlawful or business / commercial use of the vehicle the user/driver/riders will be subject to penalties in accordance with the law and must compensate DTJ and imotoshare.com for any damages caused and indemnify DTJ and imotoshare.com from any damages and liabilities.

The User/driver/riders shall not operate or use the vehicle in a manner that is in conflict with the applicable laws and regulations. User/driver/riders may not drive vehicles under the influence of alcohol and/or narcotics. User/driver/riders may not drive vehicles under the influence of any substances that can interfere with their perception and awareness. DTJ or imotoshare.com or provider has the right to take back the vehicle if the User/driver/riders uses the vehicle to race, violates the law, or for other purposes other than personal use. Users may not drive vehicles to unauthorized streets or dangerous areas which may cause any danger, harm or risk to the vehicle or the User/driver/riders. User/driver/riders should contact the provider/imotoshare.com immediately in the event of an accident.

Theft of the vehicle or any part of it as a consequence of User/driver/riders giving or allowing the vehicle to be driven by person other than the User/driver/riders, user will be responsible for the same and has to compensate accordingly to the value. User/driver/riders shall not mishandle or abuse vehicle or parts of the vehicle, if found guilty will be penalized equal to the loss to the vehicle or parts thereof, to bring the vehicle to the original shape or condition in which it was given to the user. The User/driver/riders shall not charge the battery at any unauthorized, unsafe, hazardous or unrecommended places. User/driver/riders shall use battery charger provided with the vehicle and if found guilty of using other charger, User/driver/riders will be penalized with the cost of the new original battery.

Return of vehicle or product

Users must return the vehicle with the same battery quantity, quality and capacity as when the vehicle was received. Users who return vehicles with less electric charge than they receive will be charged a fee to cover the difference. Users returning the vehicle with less quantity or damaged battery will be charged for the new battery as received by the User/driver/riders. User/driver/riders must return the vehicle in the same condition as when the vehicle was received failing which user will be charged for the damage to bring the vehicle to original as received by the user. The User/driver/riders must return the vehicle no later than the time of rental completion stated on the rental document. User/driver/riders are responsible for the cost of replacing or repairing loss or damage to vehicle registration, vehicle keys, accessories, helmet and vehicle tools, including but not limited to battery and battery charger. The User/driver/riders is responsible for all parking, traffic and other penalties incurred due to violations of the law during the rental period. DTJ or imotoshare.com or the Provider has the right not to return any deposit if the Vehicle / parts or accessories are damaged or if the User/driver/riders violates the law during the rental period. DTJ or imotoshare.com or The Provider is not responsible for items left in the vehicle after the User returns the vehicle to the provider. It is not permitted to drive the vehicle off the island of Bali. Broken, punctures, busted tires are responsibility of the User/driver/riders and the User/driver/riders must return the vehicle with the same condition as tires as received by user during delivery of vehicle from imotoshare.com or The Provider.

Overtime usage

The User/driver/riders shall return the vehicle no later than the time of rental completion stated on the rental booking confirmation / agreement.

Usage or failing to return the vehicle or any parts or accessories, beyond the completion time indicated in the booking confirmation will be subject to an overtime penalty. Tolerance for overtime is one (1) hour only. Beyond the one (1) hour, an overtime penalty of IDR 50.000 per hour will be charged, which can be paid directly in cash to the imotoshare.com authorized service providers while collecting the vehicle. Overtime exceeding four (4) hours will incur overtime penalty IDR 100,000 per hour.


The rented vehicle shall not be used by the User/driver/riders to ferry passengers or rent for hire. The rented vehicle shall not be used to push, propel or tow another vehicle, trailer or any other thing. The rented vehicle shall not be used for any race or in any competition.

The rented vehicle shall not be used for any illegal purpose whatsoever. The User shall not operate the vehicle in a negligent manner. The Rented vehicle shall not be operated by any other person other than the User above without the written permission of the Owner.

If User/driver/riders allow any other driver under the age of 18 years old to drive the rented vehicle the User will be fully responsible for all legal action / consequence / incarceration / expenses relating to the usage of the vehicle provided by imotoshare.com. In such case, If the imotoshare vehicle is involved in any accident or is involved any accident with a third party Vehicle of any type, the User/driver/riders shall indemnify DTJ and imotoshare.com and the Service Provider against any legal claims, third party expenses and liabilities.

Vehicle damage and Insurance

In the event of an accident that results in damage to the vehicle caused by the User/driver/riders or passenger, intentionally or unintentionally, it will be entirely be the responsibility of the User/driver/riders or passenger and has to be paid by the user. All third-party liabilities arising out of the accident will be responsibility of the User/driver/riders and the service provider is free from any liabilities caused by accident or any related events. The vehicle subscription / rental / service at imotoshare.com does not include and does not provide life insurance, medical insurance or any other insurance for the User or driver or pillion rider and do not include accident insurance or cover any third-party liabilities. In case of the total loss, user will have to bear the entire cost of loss and shall pay for the new vehicle price plus all the incidentals arising from the event. Severe accidents that result in perforated vehicles, vehicles that cannot run, burn or break glass caused by the User’s negligence or otherwise, whether intentional or not, an insurance claim fee of minimum IDR 5,000,000 will be charged plus subscription fees for the period of vehicle repair, calculated according to the daily subscription charges will be applicable. Any liability arising out of the product or product quality, DTJ or imotoshare or its associate or partner shall not be liable to compensate or pay for such damages or liability or any claims arising thereof.

Pick up and Drop

Vehicle will be hand over and picked back from the location mentioned in the booking confirmation of the vehicle at the website imotoshare.com. Any change in location must be agreed and confirmed by imotoshare service provider, if there is an cost due to change in location, the User/driver/rider shall pay for the same. If the distance between the pickup and drop is different from the one selected during the time of the booking, extra charge will be applicable which will have to be paid by the user to the service provider or deducted from the deposit, if any.

Towing and Road assistance

If during the usage of the vehicle, towing or road assistance is required due to negligence of the user, the towing or road assistance cost shall be borne by the User/driver/riders. If during the usage the towing or road assistance is needed due to problem in the vehicle not arising out of the usage but because of the product, no additional cost will be charged to the User/driver/riders.

Payment and Charges

ll the payments for booking of the vehicle should be done online at the time of the booking. Booking will be confirmed only after the payment is received. Once booking is confirmed, any cancellations twenty hours (24) prior to the commencement of the subscription shall attract deduction charges for any taxes and payment processing fee applicable on the total booking amount and minimum one day subscription charges.

Cancellation less than 24 hours prior to commencement of the booking time, will be subjected to entire booking fee including taxes and processing fee.

Cancellation of monthly or quarterly subscription booking, shall attract deduction for any taxes and payment processing fee applicable on the total booking amount and a minimum of one (1) week subscription charges. Any refunds shall be returned online to the same bank account from where booking payment was made by the user, after deducting any taxes, processing fee, charges and penalties as mentioned herein.

Cancellation or changing of booking

Cancellation or change of bookings for vehicle must be done at least 24 hrs prior to the commencement of the subscription. In the event of change in the booking details, you can do so by calling via whatsapp +62 813 8001 801 or by email to support@imotoshare.com.

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